Wandering Calico Clay
Evelyn Pardo Vinat-Chrest
Las Vegas, Nevada

Evelyn Pardo. as born in Cuba and raised in Las Vegas where she developed a love for the arts from a very young age. She pursued her passion by attending the Art Institute of Las Vegas and earning a degree in Filmmaking and Video Production which allowed her to begin a career as a technical director for various local news stations in LV. While she loved her work, she found that she still craved a creative outlet outside of her job and decided to teach herself how to make polymer clay earrings, this hobby soon turned into a small business.

She is also an animal lover and tries to incorporate her love for animals in many of her designs such as the dog earrings found in Three Dogs Artisan Collective. Through her polymer clay earrings, she found a way to express her creativity and share her love of animals with the world.

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