Glass Cat
Carol Rasmussen
Warrenville, IL

Carol lives in Warrenville, IL, a western suburb of Chicago. She is married to a wonderful man who has supported her passion for creating for the last 25 years. He has built a beautiful studio for her to do her magic in.

They have 2 sweet shelter cats who get bent out of shape when she is down in her studio all day. She has been creating stained glass and fused glass art for the last 25 years, and has sold her work through consignment shops, craft malls and art and craft shows.

She began her love of glass 27 years ago and continues to take classes and learn new ways of manipulating glass. Her Jewelry is designed and handcrafted one at a time in her home studio. Each piece uses only tested compatible glass and is fired 2 to 3 times in her kiln to insure it is annealed properly. She creates her pendants using one of two methods: Full Fuse in which the piece is fully melted, reshaped and fired again or Tack Fuse in which the piece is not fully melted leaving a 3-dimensional effect.

She creates her Stained Glass Art using both the copper foil and lead came methods. Each creation is hand crafted one at a time in her home studio.

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