Hedra Bishop
Minneapolis, MN

When Hedra was a little girl her grandma and mother embroidered a lot of things. Tea towels, samplers, handkerchiefs… She always found sewing to be something magical. Threads in a variety of beautiful colors are hand manipulated to create adorable letters, fanciful animals, and joyful sayings. Some of those samplers still hang around in her relatives’ various rooms, and with them bring a sense of warmth, history & family. Embroidery is something that is watched, taught & learned. Usually handed down by someone that loves you, someone that wants you to carry on doing something they enjoy doing themselves.

The embroidery kits, patterns & finished goods she sells are her way of handing something down on a grander scale to all the individuals who want to learn, relearn or explore embroidery again. She finds it to be such a unique & tranquil art form, where practice & patience are the only real tools required to be a true success.

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