Anissa Brown
Boca Raton, FL

Anissa lives in south Florida with her husband, daughter, and 3 cats. She relocated to Florida from Ohio. The weather, ocean, and activities drew her family to the Sunshine State. She is a non-traditional college student working on a degree in human services.

Making jewelry and crafting is a hobby and a way of self-care for Anissa. She has always enjoyed crafting and got into making jewelry with her mom about 15 years ago. Originally, she learned to make jewelry with wire and lamp work beads, and then went on to work with metal stamping jewelry. Following this she then moved into other mediums to include polymer clay, leather, and fabrics.

Currently Anissa mainly works with acrylic and plastic and in addition to the jewelry, makes tea towels and a few other things. She loves to make things that bring others joy.

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