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Tanya and Sean Kersten launched Three Dogs Artisan Collective in 2020 to provide an outlet for family and regional artists to present their artwork. In 2023 the gallery is transitioning to a ‘Dogcentric’ shop for art, cards, sculptures, jewelry, garden art and anything else Dog related that is handmade by a dog lover.

Tanya and Sean Kersten, Owners

Tanya and Sean have four children and four dogs. Tanya is an Immunologist and Science Writer for biotechnology medicines. Sean is an Environmental Engineer.

The Kersten Family has lived in Maryland, New York, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Germany and Switzerland. Three of the boys have graduated from DFHS. Their youngest son attends The American School for the Deaf in Connecticut.

The family are proud parents of four rescue dogs: Goetze, Rose, Cooper and Mikey. Mikey joined the family after the shop opened. Thus Three Dogs rather than Four Dogs. Tanya and Sean have a residence in Dobbs Ferry, New York and spend leisure time at a family summer camp in Maine.

Alissa Huff, Manager/Curator

Alissa is an artist born and raised in Westchester County. Since graduating from the Savannah College of Art and Design in 2010, she has worked as a freelance photographer in fashion, real estate/architectural, and experimental marketing.

As an artist, Alissa has sold her fine art work to private collectors across the country and shown her work in galleries and exhibition spaces in Brooklyn and the greater New York City area. She uses a number of mediums in her work, such as photography, acrylic and oil painting, mixed media collages, and epoxy resin artwork.

Since she was 12 years old, Alissa’s life revolved around either art or competitive swimming, as it still does today. When Alissa is not at the gallery or making art, you can find her at the pool, coaching swimming and teaching kids (or adults) how to swim and improve.

Madeline ‘Maddie’ Girolimon, Manager

Maddie is the manager at Three Dogs Artisan Collective. She manages our social media and dog rescue related communications. Maddie is an experienced baker, preparing dozens of artistic cakes and sweets. She is currently a college student in North Carolina and, of course, loves dogs.


Rose is the only lady in the pack and joined the family as a young adult in 2019 from Paws Crossed in Elmsford, NY. Rose is a quiet force in the pack. She loves being with her brothers and cherishes her quiet time. Rose likes walks, sleeping in any cozy place and belly rubs. She feels most at ease around men rather than women (except Tanya). Many a comforter has lost its fluff to Rose’s nesting and desire for comfort when she is left at home.


Goetze was rescued from Paws Crossed in Elmsford NY in 2014. His name was Chicago and he is a Labrador Retriever / Great Dane mix. He is loving, loud, proud and stubborn. He likes long walks, running in the woods, laying by the fire and playing with his brothers. Goetze is the quiet leader of the Kersten Pack. He and his siblings enjoy howling at the nearby fire whistle.


Mikey is a COVID dog and joined us in 2021. He is a puppy rescue from Atlanta. Mikey likes to hangout with Pete and to chase Rose, Goetze and Cooper. He is not afraid of biting his siblings ankles, knees, ears and tails if they will not pay enough attention to him, even Goetze. Cooper keeps him in line. He is a chewer and is crazy about puzzle pieces. He will gladly get on a table to chew up the edges of a puzzle and leave the bits of cardboard behind as a calling card. Mikey is a hug bundle of love and feels like a soft Teddy Bear. Mikey loves his independence and will gladly jump our yard fence whenever an opportunity presents itself. He does not like boredom.


Cooper is a ‘Chiweenie’ - Dachshund-Chihuahua mix who joined the family as a young adult from Paws Crossed in Elmsford, NY. Cooper entered our family when Tanya was undergoing breast cancer treatment. Cooper loves anything mom-Tanya. For two years he was a formal emotional support animal and travelled everywhere she did. We tried to have him be a hospital visiting dog but he is easily started and too protective of Tanya. Cooper LOVES tennis balls, chasing Mikey, cuddling on the couch, and going on walks in Maine. He does NOT like the vacuum cleaner. He tolerates airplanes and kayaking.

Cooper is the instigator of the group in any situation …

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